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Shell mold casting process

Shell casting process, with a case of heat cured sand covered on the heating of the metal template and make it into a hardened shell, shell thickness generally 6 to 12 mm, with sufficient strength and rigidity, so the two pieces of shell fixture card tight or resin cement, sand box can be used to constitute the mold, casting metal templates in the heating temperature of 300 DEG C, the use of sand for resin bonded sand, namely with phenolic resin as a binder resin sand. Also the methods available of the core shell made of shell mold core manufacturing common tilting bucket. Manufacture of shell core blowing method commonly used.

Features and uses
Resin sand for manufacturing shell mold or core shell can significantly reduce the use amount of molding sand, casting piece contour clear, smooth surface, precise size can be without mechanical processing or only a small amount of processing. So shell casting is especially suitable for the casting of various kinds of alloys with high volume, high dimensional accuracy and thin wall. But the shell mold casting uses the resin price is expensive, the template must the precision processing, the cost is high, but also can produce the irritating smell, this to some extent limits this method widespread application. Resin sand shell core can be matched with sand or metal manufacturing all kinds of casting.

Suitable material:
Metals,Steel Alloy;Cast iron;Copper

1)Can form complex shapes and fine details
2)Very good surface finish
3)High production rate
4)Low labor cost
5)Little crap generated


Shell Mold casting process


2)precoated sand casting process
3)Resin sand casting process

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