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Grey Iron Casting

Grey cast iron; large part or all of the carbon in the cast iron, in the free state. Fracture was gray. It has good casting properties, good machinability, reducing wear and abrasion resistance, and it is easy to melt, and is widely used in the manufacture of complex castings and wear-resistant parts.

Gray cast iron is different from the matrix structure, which is divided into three types: ferrite gray iron, pearlite ferrite gray iron and pearlite gray cast iron.

Due to the presence of flake graphite in gray cast iron, graphite is a kind of low density, low strength, low hardness, plasticity and toughness. Its existence as a large number of small gaps in the steel matrix, that is, to reduce the load area, and increase the source of the crack, so the gray cast iron strength is low, toughness is poor, can not be pressure processing. In order to improve its performance, before pouring in the hot metal join a amount of ferrosilicon, calcium silicate as inoculants to refine pearlite matrix,

The used material:GG20;GG25;GG30;GG35;GG40;GG45,ASTM A278,ect.

- grey iron casting,cast lid (pressure component) for condensors.
- 3.1B inspection certificates:available.
- oil,water proof>25bar

1) It is produced with GG15-GG30 Grey iron or GGG40-GGG70 ductile iron according to customer's detail drawing or the original samples.
2) The weight we can cast is from 0.1 Kg to 1 Ton.
3) Depending on the demand, you can choose the manufacture process as the sand cast or the precise resin sand cast.
4)Together with the delivery or the samples, there are the chemical analyse report and the tensile testing result.
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