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Aluminium Die Casting

We supply OEM aluminum die casting parts,aluminium die casting,casting,aluminum die casting,Suitable for Construction, Instrument,valve and Auto Parts.

The die casting process is the combination of the three elements of die casting machine, die casting die and alloy.
The process. And the metal filling cavity during die casting process, is the pressure, speed, temperature and timeAnd other technological factors are unified process. Mold structure design, heat treatment technology, mold manufacturing and Influence of die assembly on the life of aluminum alloy die casting die.

Die casting process is the principle of using high pressure to high pressure metal into a precision metal mold cavity, metal liquid cooling and solidification under pressure to form a casting. Cold, hot chamber die-casting die casting process is the two basic ways,

Cold chamber die casting metal liquid by manual or automatic pouring device poured into the pressure chamber, and pressure punch shot forward, the liquid metal into the cavity. In the hot chamber die casting process, the pressure chamber is perpendicular to the crucible, and the metal liquid flows into the pressure chamber through the inlet port of the pressure chamber. Plunger downward movement, push the liquid metal into the cavity through the gooseneck. After the metal liquid is solidified, the die casting die is opened, the casting is taken out, and a die casting cycle is completed.

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