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Aluminum and zinc die casting

The price of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy is close, if the structure and die casting process, of course, with aluminum alloy is more cost-effective. Zinc alloy is about 2.5 times the proportion of aluminum alloy, and the price is quite high, so it is more than two or three times the cost of the material on the aluminum alloy. Now many companies in order to save costs, all want to replace the zinc alloy with aluminum alloy, but some can not be replaced, because the strength of the zinc alloy, hardness and molding properties are much better than aluminum alloy. If you want to polish the product surface plating, and the requirements of a high quality, then you have to use a zinc alloy. Aluminum alloy material is difficult to achieve very high surface quality requirements of, because of the aluminum alloy die-casting molding performance is poor, work in process (WIP) surface easy to product a lot of stomata, electroplating surface quality is poor.

Zinc alloy die casting
has good performance, and has more advantages, zinc alloy melting point low, solidification temperature range is small, easy filling molding, shrinkage tendency small can die casting with complex shape, precision parts with thin wall castings with smooth surface, high precision in size; low pouring temperature, mold life is long, and not easy to mold sticking, no corrosion of the mold. And the mechanical properties of zinc alloy at room temperature is also high, especially the compression and wear resistance are very good, zinc alloy die casting can be very good to accept all kinds of surface treatment, such as electroplating, spraying, painting, etc..

Zinc alloy is the most serious drawback is aging, the swollen volume, reduce the strength, time is too long will result in die casting deformation and fragmentation, which is the zinc alloy used by the major reason.

The aluminum alloy is much better than the zinc alloy in the aspect of performance, has the good casting property, the electrical conductivity and the heat conduction performance, the cutting performance is also good. The disadvantages are obvious, the aluminum silicon series of alloy is easy to mold, the metal crucible is corrosive, the volume shrinkage is bigger, easy to produce shrinkage.
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